Monday, April 30, 2012

MoCCA Arts Festival 2012

The weekend of April 28th and 29th marked the 10th anniversary of the annual Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts (MoCCA) Festival, and the NCS New York Metro Chapter was there. The Festival is a gathering of comics industry professionals, aficionados, self-publishers, independent and small-press publishers, and book market publishers including Fantagraphics Books, Drawn & Quarterly, NBM, Pantheon and Abrams.

Here's a shot of the floor from above by ( I believe ) photographer Shahriar Shadab:

Our table featured work by NCS members Maria Scrivan, Bobby Timony, Isabella Bannerman, Mike Cavallaro and chapter Chairman, Doug Bratton. Also available were graphic novels by current Reuben Award-nominees Ben Katchor, Duncan Fegredo, and J.H. Williams.

Early Sunday morning, I managed to take some photos of the booth:

Our neighbors were First Second Books. Here's publicist Gina Gagliano and cartoonist Dave Roman talking with fans:

Around the corner at the Lerner Books table, creators Colleen Venables and Zak Galindo:

And here's NCS member Michael Kandalaft holding down the western front of the con:

I was able to chat with the Guest-of-Honor, cartoonist P.Craig Russell, one of the artists that got me into comics as a kid and still one of my favorites, and picked up a signed copy of his new book, "The Happy Prince", volume 5 in Russell's "Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde" series, published by NBM. Here's the cover art, sans titles:

I also took in the retailer's panel discussion, featuring Tucker Stone (Bergen Street Comics, Brooklyn), Thor Parker (Midtown Comics, Manhattan), Rob Conte (Manhattan Comics), Gabe Fowler (Desert Island, Brooklyn) and moderated by Alex Cox. Some pics from the panel:

(L to R) Tucker Stone, Gabe Fowler, Rob Conte, Alex Cox and Thor Parker.

(L) Tucker Stone, (R) Gabe Fowler

(L) Alex Cox, (R) Thor Parker

One of the most pleasant surprises for me was the appearance of "The Cartoon Crier", a collaboration between the NCS and the Center For Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

Heidi MacDonald's THE BEAT had some coverage of "The Crier" HERE.

And the CCS made their announcement HERE.

On the whole, the weekend provided a great glimpse at the many different directions creators are taking the comics art form.

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  1. Thanks Mike. It was a great time. A fun moment was being at the Mocca sketch table, and realizing that I, Kim Dietch , and Doug Bratton were all left handed.