Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NCS at New York Comic Con 2015

NYCC 2015 goers, drop by booth #2309 and visit your friends from the National Cartoonists Society. Members will be offering original artwork, sketches, books, prints, greeting cards, witty repartee and more. Artist appearance times are as follows:

Thursday 10/8:
1 - 4pm: Maria Scrivan ("Half Full" syndicated strip, American Greetings, Reuben Award-Nominee)
2 - 3:30pm: Hilary Price ("Rhymes With Orange" syndicated strip, People, Glamour)
4 - 7pm:  Isabella Bannerman ("Six Chix" syndicated strip, PeeWee's Playhouse, "Doug", NY Times), and  Mike Cavallaro ("Parade (with fireworks", Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers Animation)

Friday 10/9:
10am -1pm:  Jason Chatfield ("Ginger Meggs"), and Doug Bratton ("Pop Culture Shock Therapy", Nickelodeon, Mad Magazine)
1 - 4pm:  Ray Alma (Mad Magazine, Reuben Award-Winner) and Isabella Bannerman
4 - 7pm:  Mike Cavallaro 

Saturday 10/10:
10am - 1pm:  Isabella Bannerman and Mike Cavallaro
1 - 4pm:  Ray Alma, Maria Scrivan
4 - 7pm:  Jason Chatfield, Henrick Rehr ("Castles In The Sand", "Tirsdag", "Tribeca Sunset")

Sunday 10/11:
10am - 1pm: Isabella Bannerman and Mike Cavallaro 
1 - 3pm:  Ray Alma and Mike Cavallaro
3 - 5pm: Jason Chatfield

NCS Manhattan Chapter President Ed Steckley (Mad Magazine, Cracked Magazine, Reuben Award-winner) will be attending the booth throughout the convention.